Fuze Custom Fit Molded Earphones Headphones Affordable do-it-yourself Custom Molded earphones for sports, motorsports, motorcycle helmet speakers, driver earpieces Fuse earfuze.com

FUZE Custom Earphones are permanently shaped exactly to your ears. This means we can guarantee your FUZE earphones will stay in and keep you rockin' no matter how hard you roll. They stay comfortably in place like you can't believe, proven as the ultimate earphones for sports and motorsports. FUZE completely transforms the earphone experience. Blueprinted and built exactly for you. The FUZE specialized system delivers high quality, permanent, ready-to-use custom earphones in less than 15 minutes. Learn more >>

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FUZE Wireless Bluetooth Custom Earphones

Cut the Cord! FUZE Wireless Custom Earphones for your iPhone/smartphone. Listen to your music and take calls with wireless Bluetooth streaming.

Low Profile Bluetooth! Left and right FUZE earphones are connected by a short keeper-cord (necklace length) with a miniature Bluetooth receiver. Your FUZE Custom Bluetooth Earphones remain flush and low-profile for a great fit under the helmet.

Equipped with FUZE 5 stereo drivers. New for 2015, specialized FUZE 5 speakers are the next level in micro-sound technology.

FUZE Wireless Bluetooth Custom Earphones - Ships now! - $59.95

FUZE 5- New for 2015!

FUZE 5 Custom Earphones equipped with the smallest, best sounding stereo drivers. The next level of FUZE speakers with better acoustic balance and more low-end punch. Incredible specialized micro-electronics developed to provide an exact custom fit. The photo shows how much smaller FUZE 5 electronics are comparatively. FUZE 5: engineered to be precisely molded for an absolutely perfect custom fit.

In the Box: FUZE 5 Custom Earphones with standard cord. Anatomically exact fit. 3 sets BioFuzion molding material. Color: Black

FUZE 5 Standard Cord - Ships now! - $39.95

Video: Custom Earphones in 15 Minutes


More options, colors, RACEceivers, and full product descriptions.

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I just fitted mine and absolutely love them! The process couldn't have been easier, and the results are excellent! --Seth


FUZE earphones don't shift or fall out during exercise. They don't even budge. The natural contours of your ears lock the earphones in place with glove-like fit. And because the shape is a precise anatomical match to your ears, they fit and feel like your favorite slippers.



The ultimate solution for helmet use. Enjoy the substantial benefits of custom made earpieces for a fraction of the cost. FUZE earphones stay snugly in place and won't shift or fall out, allowing you to enjoy the ride or stay focused on lapping the competition.



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